Cimco Edit 7

The Professional Editor

Cimco Edit 7

The Professional Editor.

User friendly editing environment for any CNC control, with line or block numbering, editing with NC Assistant, insertion of preset cycles/macros - easy to create your own, too - advanced file compare, graphical line and solid simulation (backplot) of the finished NC program.

Useful functions integrated

  • Simultaneously open several programs for editing.
  • UPPERCASE/lowercase conversion and blank charecter selection.
  • User customizable adaptation and selection of tool lists.
  • Optional integrated DNC with buffer transmission and simultaneous reception of NC programs through several ports.
  • Compatible with most serial ports, multiports and serial HUBs.
  • Easy installation and set-up.

Optional CNC-Calc: 2d CAD/CAM program for fast calculation of complex 2D geometry. Features generation of toolpaths and drill patterns for ISO and Heidenhain conversational programming.

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